ending of a age

World 6 has ended following the Final Age completion.
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ending of a age

Post by Mosryp » Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:51 pm

what do you girls and guys think about that :?:

it get a dragging play when you get to 9 or 10 house running the glory race

I can see FF to decrease the glory winner point at 2 millions for the last 10 houses running
4 millions from 20 to 10 house then drop to 2 millions
a programmer can fix that as a breeze , just a few line to put in their source programation of the games .

that will forward the game faster and maybe will increase the activity inside

and why not adding a second source line the last 5 house only have to reach 1 millions point that will really increase the speed for the following age

As we all know . if we are in age 5 FF already finish to work or mostly finish the work of age 7 .
All good compagny are always ahead of the game and don't wait for the last minutes to do the follow up , so they got age 6 already finish and their peoples are working on age 7

that what I can see and hope the administration read that post .

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