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 how can we make world 6 regain power 
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Post Re: how can we make world 6 regain power
ok bigmouth losers. prepare for war, i will strike both of you worthless pieces of *.

and you will cry for peace like allways. if anyone want to read yours former cries, i can fwd in game.

calls me a loser and a beggar of peace but he is the one that joined H17 for safety AND THEN PROCEEDS TO THREATEN EVERYTHING ON THE MAP

no one respects you Croato, and i would venture to say i would get H17 support to take you out, but i am a farmer that sits and farms.

If H17 wants to play with HappyHour again then get your House marshall to send me a mail and i will drop my house.

IF Some one from H17 wants to ball up and fight me 1v1 than drop your house and i will drop mine

If not than STFU and let me play my own game

"Architect of Mayhem" LMAO

Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:13 pm

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Post Re: how can we make world 6 regain power
Lol dude??? Croato..

XD What did we do? Discuss our personal thought? You have no right to change our thinking or the way we think. 3/4 of the map is againt you and your entire house17. 1/4 are the lackies who deep inside don't like you but pretend to do some false praises to you and your faction. Sir Arthur IV for example. He asks you for your help but deep inside despises you and your entire country. Face it croato. You all conquered the entire map but u made everyone hate you. All you have left for your self is the little buddies who you call your crew in your faction. Those few players are the only players u have who are loyal to you and your legion. I can give u an entire list of players in h17 and h13 who support me and are one of h17's top fighters. You have may have the skill, You have have the land and power. But you do not have any support in all 4 countries. You only have your battle stations in Scotland where the rest of your faction is. By support I mean actual players who are willing to be by your side forever. All those players in England and Wales are in h17 and h13. But belive me.. 3/4 of the entire population is with me, supports me and my goals. You have only let that ignorance develop. On the Rise of the Wolf server. Lord Stephanie thinks she is the major power. She let that dam ignorance build on W6 and she thinks she is an outclass example of a fighter. She declared war and left the super house 3 on the rise of the wolf. She and her new house are marked as enemy. She thinks like always on W6 she will win. But those are players loyal to their legion. She and the wombats on that server have not seen a true loyal warrior faction. They will soon learn their lesson on that server. And I have joined house 3 which is against Stephanie and the wombats. Sorry croato, but you all only have enough guts to rule this server cause of the farmers in it who cant fight properly. Come to other servers. You will learn. And this is a puplic forum. People can share their thoughts and have open rights to say what they want. I will and always will say what I think. Because that's how god made me. And im not gonna thinking. I will say this once again, you all may own the whole map, you can change the way people physically act against you in game by making the fear develop in them. But you can never change the way they think about you. If u are still ignorant enough to fight. Then remember one thing Croato.. Only a very little population supports you. You may own the power. But you don't have the heart and courage of a true fighter. You all got kinggg/feuertuefel.NR1/I HIT YOU banned. But his decendants wont get banned. He was an example to the world 6 population. He showed people h17 is weak. And that's how H5 came to war. You may have defeated house 5. But you will never ever stop them from rebelling again. I may not do this age what I did the last. I will not provoke and poke the Scottish this age as I have already left this server and play on other servers now. But if I get poked, I swear dude... I will be p1ssed as ever. People may act as if they support ya, I know personally and I have met many players, who act as if they like the Scottish but actually hate them. Good day Croato.


Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:36 pm

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Post Re: how can we make world 6 regain power
I never cried for peace Croato. But guess what? I didn't need to after I decided to fight Scotland. Most of your guys still have swords on me but refuse to even scout me. I always asked for peace to get some time to farm faithpoints. Which I later learnt were not necessary to fight you all. Lol.. what piece of crap.

islander was dieing hard. Feuer got banned and I purposely surrendered when we were fighting in south England. All you and your country folks can do is report and hope for ban. You all haven't found a valid reason to report me yet. And guess what? You wont either.. Cause I play by the rules. Most of u in Scotland are breaking SHK rules I bet. I just need to find who and how they are doing it.

Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:45 pm
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