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Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:47 pm
by DesMussAers
Hi Admin,

Is it not possible to increase the population of our army in every village that we have? or is it possible to do if for example the village is in ID instead we send monk to excomm why do we do send monk to decrease the ID but it will cost much compare in doing an ID. This are only wide views if in case we can do it.

I have a suggestion in mind if we do V stage in world 5 how about decreasing the member in a faction at least 15 or 12 and just only 2 in every house. This is to see on how great are the players are and who is really active, this is the battle of the * who are really great and skill players. I think this will be exciting in our part and with the house and faction.

Thank you very much indeed for all the help and support.

Best regards,