FireFly Interference

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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by thekpd »

This just in..... Anonymous house 1 leader says "We wear womens underwear, because of the way it feels on our male bits."

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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by DavidSpy »

Voninski wrote:Admins are small game. We are after the Mods. Davidspy! off with your head!
I'm not sure what I've done to offend you personally... I didn't have anything to do with the World 5 client News article or any of the other news articles for that matter.
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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by MechJosh0 »

Lord Benevolent wrote:What did the Mods even do to you?
This is all your fault! What have you done to us?! We're doomed I tell you! DOOMED!
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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by evanjellyman »

thekpd wrote:This just in..... Anonymous house 1 leader says "We wear womens underwear, because of the way it feels on our male bits."
man I laughed so hard, that was great!

I can see what robb means though, im sure Fire Fly had no intention of adding to political propoganda, but I guess some misinformed players could take it the wrong way.

I would'nt say im "outraged"

But maybe they could make it a little clearer its a joke or something next time? lol can of worms really.

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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by Avenger1978 »

That glory news article about H1 should be removed now and a apology put in its place ..You have made H1 look bad which we are not..IT NEEDS REMOVING NOW

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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by Voninski »

Davidspy! You hide behind others! Angry mob time! Davidspy is the ringleader! Kill him (in-game only please)!

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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by RobertScott »

Problem is the damage is already done. They need to do more than remove it, they need to run a retraction.

Never before have they gone so far out of their way to meddle, they need to admit that this was a mistake and let the caual player know that they did not speak the truth.

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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by Merepatra »

The mods had absolutely nothing to do with this or any news posting.

I'm sorry that you could not see the humour in it, we will take this into consideration with further news postings. But they could end up extremely boring.

This thread is now closed.

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Re: FireFly Interference

Post by Lord Alacrity »

I am responsible for the Glory News posts and I fully admit to fabricating large parts of them. As Lord Benevolent pointed out, if you've read all of the past glory announcements in English and German, you will recognize some fairly cookie-cutter lines. In the past, when there were only three worlds, I had tried to contact each winning house marshal for a quote, which was both fruitless and time-consuming. Now that there are 15 game worlds, this is impossible.

If any House Marshall would like to send me a PM a day or so in advance of their win with a victory statement I would happily take a real quote from there.

As Merepatra stated earlier, this thread is locked.


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