About the South-West opening ?

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About the South-West opening ?

Post by Speirzy »

I was just wondering if anyone knows when the south-west region will be opening as i want to start my village there due to the fact that it would be easier starting where there are hardly any people. Would verymuch appreiciate a message back saying something useful. Cheers

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Re: About the South-West opening ?

Post by DavidSpy »

Empty counties will open when there is currently not enough space for new players joining that world. I guess this process could be sped up if you moved a guild of players from another game to this one. ;)
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Re: About the South-West opening ?

Post by Voltair »

The game code decides when to spawn charters so I assume it also decides when new areas need to be opened.

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Re: About the South-West opening ?

Post by 4th Dimension »

If this game is like any other, the world requires "x" amount of people to open "z" amount of land

At Day 0 there was only 2,000 - 3,000 players, thus the world seeded "z" amount of land that was allowed to be spawned in

Until the world grows in "x" there will be no more "z"

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Re: About the South-West opening ?

Post by ButtonTheSaurus »

I don't understand 'y'

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Re: About the South-West opening ?

Post by Konig Blumenbeet »

But_ton-TheSaurus wrote:I don't understand 'y'
very nice button! It forces us all to be mashed together so that we can fight :)

4th: proper mathematical conventions dictate that 'y' should be used before 'z' :mrgreen:


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