Best Parish Layout for Age IV

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Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by Carazco » Sun May 04, 2014 9:36 am

I've found the best parish layout for Age IV. Most of the credit goes to ReiAtur, I just modified it to fit more. This Layout concentrates on military buildings and castle structures.

Spoiler! :
This layout includes:
1 Architect's Guild

1 Sergeants at Arms Office

1 Military School/Town Hall/Church (Whatever you want from these three, but I don't recommend town hall)

20 Barracks (500 troops)

1 Ballista Maker

1 Siege Engineer's Guild

1 Castellan's House

1 Archery Range

1 Pikeman's Drill Yard

2 Production Guilds/1 Tunnellor's Guild + Turret Maker/1 Guild + Tunnellor's Guild/1 Guild + Turret Maker
ImageImage or ImageImage
17 Supply Depot + 1 Stable/18 Supply Depot (There is only 17 Supply Depot and no stable in the image but the other one will fit next to the Woodcutter's Guild)

??? Statues

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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by rsnelgrove » Sun May 04, 2014 1:41 pm

The "Best" parish layout is very subjective, although this is a good parish layout, I wouldn't say it is possible to label any one layout as the best.

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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by DavidSpy » Mon May 05, 2014 11:40 pm

For those interested, here is another 4th age parish layout.
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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by TotnumUncommon » Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:16 am

Thought i would post this example for newer players that might have joined the 4th age and landed in a World-4 demolished Parish with any way of knowing where to begin building.

This layout is to help keep most the army minus speed, you wont need speed just defending your area and this allows 300 troops, which is more than enough to defend and eliminate the AI's that spawn.

Will edit or delete soon, having troubles uploading the image, fianlly got it to load, i will work on that in the future :oops:

As you can see is all but 1 Billet is built along with the Town Hall

My way allows all 4 needed military guilds to , well make war, defend castle, play/enjoy game. I found plenty of opportunity to war when you have troops :shock:

GOAL- Your goal is your working on making a finished parish like the examples / links above in the OP's post. This can not happen when your in ruins.


Town Hall. Build this first, start by deleting all the speed, rearrange until you have enough room to place the Town Hall.

Order The Buildings, you will notice a lot of parish's have a Tunnelers guild, but it can go

Tunnelers Guild- Delete it, you wont need it, your parish is in ruins, this is not going to save you or come close to saving you. You need walls.

Next after you have the Town Hall upgraded to level 9, :::NOTE::: YOU MUST HAVE THE TOWN HALL UPGRADED FIRST BEFORE WASTING FLAGS/TIME/ and EVERYONE'S MONEY. placing buildings, this goes for building the castle but ill get to that later.

Once you place a building that time will not decrease with upgrades, its planted and stuck and the only way to get the new times is to delete it, so just wait on the Town-hall it does not take much to get it to level-9, and level 9 is plenty.

Billets-(x19)- build 3 at a time, should take about 1 day each, most parish's have most if not all the military buildings.

Speed First, Barracks Second ....

Military Weapons Guilds- You need all 4, there is no way to purchase arms in this age i have noticed, Bows/Armor/Poletuners first. Eventually you will be able to fit a catapult guild, which is needed :imo: if not everyones right next to the ....

Military Academy- Is last -- i say again its last sorry, my way makes it last because it goes where the Town-Hall is and you need the town-hall to keep building the Parish-Village.

Barracks- Get your Barracks back to full 20 Barracks 500/troops first before deleting that town-hall or its a 2 day wait for each of them. Replacing the Billits for Barracks Supply Depot - Build as fillers, 4 depots will make army fast 5min march around the parish area and can travel 3-4 parish's away in under 20min if needed ...

Thats all i got before making this a full blown 4 page guide. Cheers.

Oh, as your Billits get built, re-Place replace replace, the castle walls /Towers, they will be stuck on the old timers and need to be placed all over to get the actual benefits from the billites. GL to all new comers to world-4 hope this helps.
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Parish Castle Rebuild
Parish Castle Rebuild
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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by Wizard » Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:34 am

Well I don't see the use of a town hall nor do I know anyone else who uses one on their parishes in age 4 I am afraid. Not so on provinces or county I guess but there isn't as many types of buildings that can be built in those.

My way of building the parishes as I'm a gigantic donator is, 0 speed building I don't use my parishes to attack people only the AI.
Between 400 troop to 500 troops max depending on what other buildings were already in parish when I got there.

Next is I try to have a wood and iron guild max lvl which is 18 giving me a gigantic bonus in wood and iron production for my weapons.

I also put in an ALE guild, no food guilds unless they were already there. (tip ale guild lvl 16 each one you put exactly beside your INN will give you for max population possible a X1 bonus so you need a maximum of fore producer beside your in to run at X4 ale at anytime)

Then most important in order to me after this Catapult guild, bow guild, Armor guild, Pike guild and if you donate to upgrade ballista turret tunnels, a sword guild. If you don't not much use to have that last one nearly no one uses swordsmen anymore.

Of course another key building is the church that should be in every parishes.

After that there is a choice personally I like having all of these Tunnel, turrets, ballista and even military school can be interesting if you can find a way to fit it.

Now lets say you kill AI with your own troops and don't collect taxes much you could remove even more barracks and the drill pikeyard even the catapult maker (so if parish is ever stolen, it can't be used much against you to destroy you) to fit other things, (always keep the archery range) but guilds I don't believe in having in parishes are any banqueting guilds.

I do believe if it ever becomes a possibility again to be able to delete guilds and keep the bonuses than we should get every single one of them done, and maybe that way more people would donate.

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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by DekeYoungAtlanta » Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:27 pm

I have deleted the military academies from my parishes. Bombards are ineffective.

However if you build the military academy first, build the bombards and delete the military academy, the bombards remain in your villages.

Still, I have yet to see any benefit while defending.

- Deke

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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by TotnumUncommon » Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:20 am

Spoiler! :

I didn't start the thread i just returned to the game a few months ago and picked World-4 and noticed lots of parish's have been intentionally destroyed by people from other servers, from what i have been recently told....

But anyways, W/O posting my completed Castle layout, that would be a bad thing UPDATE--

ADDED - 5 Guild Houses.

All military buildings included.

A person could leave the Town-House built and wait until all the statues are rebuilt before adding the military academy , but unless someone plans on turning the parish into something else or remodeling the academy is great job

@DEKE- Deke the academy does little damage at first, but it gets a cannon per level and does more damage as its leveled, its a must for defense(imo)
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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by Lord Darko900 » Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:29 am

TotnumUncommon wrote:Hi DEKE -

I didn't start the thread i just returned to the game a few months ago and picked World-4 and noticed lots of parish's have been intentionally destroyed by people from other servers, from what i have been recently told....
actually those parishes destroyed by other server people are only few parishes in Oxfordshire any other parish outside of oxfordshire was destroyed by W4 players themselve

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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by TotnumUncommon » Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:44 am

Added image ENJOY :P

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Re: Best Parish Layout for Age IV

Post by Unknownhost » Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:58 pm

one thing to note.

you do NOT, need a castellians house beyond age 1 when a parish is effectively "done" flag raiding. so much wasted space out there collectively with this unneeded building.

nor do you need a stable master.

what are you worried about in age4...that they will steal your flags?=p rofl, no flag sinks inc in age 5 either so get ready for 300+ flag parishes unless firefly gets its head out of it keyster.

these buildings do virtually nothing to stop gold raids, certainly not by any competent player. even then if by some miracle the first hit fails, the second hit wont if they know what they are doing=p

you do want a church, also, lets not be newbie. bombards are highly effective when paired with moat, but its a ton of trouble bothering with them in 1 village held parishes, unless, you are going to upgrade them through pillaging.

this layout is an efficient use of space, very much so. but to any new players reading this, don't take its multiple mistakes as shk gospel.


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