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DutchMasterJedi, here, of House 1, officer of Stormbrigade, veteran of W3 since Day 6... veteran of every war, thusfar...

this friday, May 25th we want everyone to participate in a massive cleaning event to rid our World of pollution, if only for one day... perhaps then it will be a whole lot easier to manage our pollution, which as we all know, has been a constant '200 in every parish and rats flying everywhere' situation... we NEED to fix this...

and if any of the 'powers that be' read this, maybe you could throw us a bone if we pull it off and maybe give us a '1 week rat break'?

and i would really like to suggest some type of 'disease prevention' method, such as falconers' posts as a preventative measure for the disease... *, even if we had to send out falcons like we send out scouts, that'd be a whole lot more fun than having to wait and fix it later...

that's like trying to win a war by just sitting there and defending...


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