It makes sense

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It makes sense

Post by Priest Guardian »

Bombardment installations are the coolest thing Firefly has implemented into the game for defense (IMO)

As powerful as they are it is no wonder that it costs massive amounts of weapons to upgrade the guild at the parish to allow you to build them

That being said, I see now why you cannot buy weapons at markets in Age 4 ;) Otherwise I would of already had mine completely upgraded :twisted:

Smart thinking Firefly 8-)
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Re: It makes sense

Post by Truschu »

And if they could get captain defence tactics to... 8-)

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Re: It makes sense

Post by Bglizard »

If they could bring back when you delete things upgrade stays I would consider playing on worlds that are beyond age 2 but I agree parishes with captain tactics would be f-ing awesome (although they would be WAY overpowered if a parish could use it)


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