reasons why I am quitting SK.

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reasons why I am quitting SK.

Post by Ystap »


I am a player formally (i say formally because I quit as of last night) known as ystap... I turned neutral after a pathetic ewpisode involving some brainless meatheads...

I am sickened as to how neutrals have been treated.... as a neutral I ran 3 parishes improving how they were run etc.. BUT enough of that crap..


1) neuutrals are not respected as Neutrals & are bullied either to quit or join the war that they rather stay away from.

2)players like BIG HOSS ((holy crap i named names... but who gives a *... why??) This play has been reported as a double account holder.. BUT the powers that be in this game would rather sitb on their fingers & pull their #### than face up to the fact that tjhey kiss the asses of players who use BULLY tactics &cheat with double accounts thaan let the game run its course.

3)more players quit this game each week than those joining... what does that say? SK will go belly up unless the powers that be get their fingers out & do something constructive rather than being up the asses of the leaders of some houses..

4) the leaders of other houses are spineless to stand up to the bully * that BIG HOSS spills , rather uusing thje excuse of there is a war going on.. & it is not my problem etc... Grow a set folks..

Have I upset enougjh YET??? NO!!!

I am older that the vast majority oof players here & have seen enough * , enough phonies & enough ego's than you have seen women.... BIG HOSS is one of these such people... WHy do I single this piece of * out? just as he has singled out players lower levels than he is & sends his * kissing boys to do his dirthy work so he could keep his position... this person is as usefull as the piece of * that you scrape from the end of yer shoe.. My guess is that this person uses the word big in his or her name is because, he/she is trying to compensate for how little he/she feels in RL & basically if male may be even compensating for his manhood... * why else would he spend so much tim in game...

STILL NOT upset enough??? * I agree!!! H12 & its leader are spineless pieces of * .. striving to play the tough guys while hitting on neutrals & smaller fish than facing the fact that they stink at what they try to do.. Now that may get some going..

what are yea gonna do? what are the powers that be in this game gonna do? Bann me? * I have quit & even purged the system of any trace of sk on my pc.. so they ban a player that quit?? * taht would work... stand up & deal with the bully issues that H12 use & esp the * for brains Big Hoss (BTW why Hoss.. my guess the player is american & if so & ISAY IF SO this player is what gives the great americans a bad name...)

upset some more? cool noiw I am getting somewhere..

in closing I say to all honest playing players out there Have fun & if ya come upon H12 & Big Horse face Hoss.. watch yer back & *... I would rather make a deal with the devil himself than play alongside such players as these..

To other players NON H12.. grow a set & stand up to the Bully * that H12 & horse face hoss uses... IN RL we have campaigns of STOP BULLYING etc but this game & esp its powers that be, would rather sit back & make the same old excuses..

what would they say now... simple... Good ridance to another cryboy etc...

when in fact I take the best decision made in mahy years quit this game I& I promise to advise & use any tactic possible to have others stear well clear of this game untill people face up to the fact that they * up... They * up (meaning Powers that be & H12 etc) these people ruin what had the potential to be a great game..

so in saying farewell I say...

Éire go deo

na hÉireann riamh bás
agus póg mo poll hÉireann bródúil


btw. the bookmark to this game & forums will also be purged as soon as this is posted.. so cry me a river

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by thekpd »


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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by FlameWeaver »

Ystap wrote:btw. the bookmark to this game & forums will also be purged as soon as this is posted.. so cry me a river
No need, we already have a lake in this thread.

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by SlyAudio »

Didn't quite lol. Maybe gave a bit of a chuckle.
Good to see him standing up to that bully and not running away and hiding from the issue... Oh wait.

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by Cheedows »

So his definition of standing up is quitting? Great logic there...

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by Enigma5991 »

I actually sympathize with this guy. I am a neutral myself right now, and it is dam near impossible to get these selfish pigs off my parishes.

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by Cheedows »

I can agree on that, like being stuck in between a rock and a hardplace. Retaliation counts as a threat, taking gives the bullies a chance to bully you more. I'm just saying to this guy not to criticize if he can't follow his own advice. Honestly my faction never has done that, since we don't have time to take over neutrals.

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by Secretsquirrel73 »

I want this pinned to the W3 Forums for a while. This is one of the main issues with players in this game.

Instead of standing up for what they think is right, they instead run away and do nothing about the issue.

If you want to complain about something, you better be the one spearheading the solution. I dont want to hear about bullies if you cant even fight back. Dear god lose like a man.This game is all pixel, and losing villages is practically meaningless since its easy to get another. Instead people like this run to the forums, * and moan about how one sided a house or faction is without experiencing the rest of the community.

I was a neutral once, like everyone else. I had to bide my time, wait for the parish I was in to go inactive, get into a good house, take control of the parish, and now im the sheriff of the whole county. I worked hard to get where im at in this game. Not a lot of people know me, but I dont ask to be known, just to be heard when something needs to be said. What needs to be said is this,the game will not be handed to you on a silver platter. Luck may favor you, but god * will you need to work for what you have in order to better yourself. I still see people who refuse to attempt to better their castles, to perfect their game, to even try, and I ask myself, why do you even play a game like this if you just want to sit back and do nothing while there is a whole experience waiting for you.

People like the thread starter (not even going to bother learning his name since he didnt earn the right to be important) will never get what they want unless they work for it. You want to talk about people bullying, and being unbalanced, well thats not the game creators fault, thats the community. Should mods have to step in and baby everyone's playstyle because some people "dont like how its going for them". If you have an issue with the system blame the people running map, not the people who made the game. When you do blame the the people running that side of the map, do something. Thats your fault that you had to deal with bs. If you dont like the bs, move to the other side of the map. Its not that hard. One moron that cant grasp simple concepts and quits the game isnt going to show anyone.

Im where im at because of how I play, and you are where you are at because of how you play. Whatever rank or privilege that can be, is up to you.

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by Cheedows »

Secret Squirrel hit the nail right on the head. I get it, you were a neutral and had no way to go. But seriously? Your insulting people for not standing up for you even though you can't stand up for yourself. I am sorry for what happened to you, but if you get razed out pick a place on the map that is not a battleground. Losing villages is part of the game, its the part that you can lose everything and the game doesn't baby you is what makes this game interesting. If you get razed out, pick a peaceful territory, rebuild and state your point. If you want to be a neutral, then be neutral I really don't think they razed you out for no reason.

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Re: reasons why players are quitting SK.

Post by ThatSQLGuy »

The part that YSTAP left out was that he was part of a house, until the house was no longer part of the glory race. Their house, then made a run for the county sheriff spot and when that failed they dropped house and claimed neutral. H12 rules is no neutral parishes in H12 counties, so it just took us time to get around to taking the parishes back. We moved into his parish and then took it over.

IMO, Regarding Neutrals, its a WAR game, pick a side and fight.



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