Ideas: PvP siegecamps and pitched/field battles

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Ideas: PvP siegecamps and pitched/field battles

Post by Aldemeus » Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:00 pm

Hello everyone!

I have been playing this game for a while (on and off) and there are a few thing I would like to see happen, that I think would improve the game, and to a certain extent make it more immersible (I am a historian by trade, so a level of realism is desireable to me).

1) I'd love to see pvp sieges. If your army isnt strong enough to assault, but still stronger than your opponent, Id l would love to see a way to "starve" him or her out. Something along the lines of, you pay some resources and honor, and you station some troops, to lay siege to a village/castle. A camp is formed (a villageless castle) and penalties are given to the besieged untill its destroyed (less food, less wood, less whatever, while its there). It might also function as a camp to attack from, and could possibly incur some damage over time (tunneling and what not) to the defenses. It could potentially also block some (if not all) merchants, reinforcements, etc. while in effect, and again be dismantled by some kind of monkish action (like if you have peace on a village, there can be no siege).

2) I'd love to see pitched battles. The coding might be a bit tricky but Im sure you could work around that. The idea would be, that you would be able to intercept armies moving on you map with your own (if theyre fast enough etc), and then have a battle where neither part has defensive structure, but instead a set "marching order" in a randomized terrain. This kind of setup would perhaps also lend room to knights, (mounted swordsmen), that would revert to normal swordsmen in a siege, and definately give an active defender more options.

While Im at it:

3) A naval element for maps with ocean could be worth considering...

4) Defensive versions of captain abilities too...

5) Perhaps even (for maps) some manner of terrain elligibility for village types (did I mention realism earlier?).... as much as I love home made wine from Narvik in Norway, it does kind of hurt me inside in a small way, just as mountain villages on the steppes of the Ukraine kind of do ;)

Anyhow, that was my five cents, have fun everyone!

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