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Re: Rogue Players

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I've only been on W2 for a month so far and went from starting up on day one to prince in a month, in that time I have lost 3 villages to apparently long term world 2 players who thought it was easier to take villages I had built than to build there guys create your own rouges here

I've been on W1 since the first age, rouges are a mostly irritating but not insurmountable problem there as we actually co-ordinate to keep them razed till they run out of FP and gold to be a problem anymore

basically what I'm saying is this is a problem you guys have created of your own neglect/belligerence/closed group stance or whatever you want to call it

it's not unique to W2 but it works the best here that I have seen since no one (with the exception of 1 player) I have tried to contact has even responded to an email but I personally have been attacked and capped and razed by 3 separate players

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