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Master Merlin
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Re: Rogue Players

Post by Master Merlin » Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:00 pm

Yes this is wiping the will of players down to nothing. They are just evil toward this game and they laugh as they inflict as much damage as they can on their end game plan. To get even for something with out regard. I'm watching this type of play in our world also and it's so sad. Players with a surplus of faith points, gold and honor just doing what they can to use it all up before they quit. They are making this game a sham. It's just to easy to destroy months worth of effort in moments of rage. The game is starting to fall to the level of who cares anymore. You can't fight them. They have nothing to lose. They just don't care and you can't fight that. And based on how the mechanic's of this game are set up we just have to endure. This alone will do the one thing that FF couldn't do. Kill a world to force players to consider just leaving the game or maybe starting over in the new worlds that open up. Problem is this type of play is becoming fashionable and will for now on be the mode for those who don't play well with others. I personally have done what I can to talk to them, to help them try and fit in and found that my honorable way to play wasn't what they wanted. They were hungry for killing and taking over anything and everything they could. We boxed them in and they just got reset and found a new place to start over. IF this is the future of SHK, it will find me gone also. For the first time I can see leaving this game with 2000 cards un-played, 7000 points to use and still have 1000 crowns on the books, and I just don't care.

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Re: Rogue Players

Post by Bretth » Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:09 pm

Master Merlin wrote: IF this is the future of SHK, it will find me gone also. For the first time I can see leaving this game with 2000 cards un-played, 7000 points to use and still have 1000 crowns on the books, and I just don't care.
Hear a lot of people saying that unfortunately. Fighting wars is fun, fighting enemies you can not fight due to game mechanics is not. Some people are only out to destroy the game and its a shame.

Some people have decided there is nothing left in this game for them so instead of leaving they are destroying it.

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Re: Rogue Players

Post by captkirk » Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:30 pm

I have to agree. For the first time in playing this game for 3 years, i don't see the point. I now log in to speak with the friends i have made over these years. I will no longer spend money on this game until there is a way that behavior like this can be stopped. Its obvious the world doesn't want it around, but are powerless to stop it. FF you need to action something to help out your revenue generators (players) as we are screaming for it.
To lose what you spent so long building in this way is just atrocious game play. I am happy to lose any village in a war, but this isn't a war.....
Everyday i try to keep friends playing this world, everyday one or two leave.

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Re: Rogue Players

Post by De_Dutch101 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:42 pm

I blame Amber ;)

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Re: Rogue Players

Post by Amber_Rose » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:11 am

De_Dutch101 wrote:I blame Amber ;)
Reminds me of a cartoon a friend has in his office. It says, "We like the way you handle responsibility, Feenster, so we're going to blame some stuff on you."


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Re: Rogue Players

Post by Fatal » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:37 pm

The reason this topic is created is: amber is noobish farmer that wants to farm 24/7
The reason people use guerilla tactics is: when 700+ players house is on you and price to ID yourself is x2 higher (since age 2) you cannot possible hold your villages for long
The reason this tactic works is: because you losers leave empty castles in your villages and parishes and allow enemy to raid, pillage and capture you

Compare yourself to a jumper
You have: 20+ villages, parishes, vassals, gold/fps etc...
He has: nothing, except the fact you do not expect him near you and fighting experience
You still think it is NOT FAIR ? Oh, come on, you just a whinny loser
Left you 7.05.2014

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Re: Rogue Players

Post by DavidSpy » Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:02 pm

I had a gov attack me, 490 archers on walls at all times and 10 pikes in my keep. I logged on just in time to save 3 of my villages he had caps outgoing to. So no, this isn't about one good player with a lone village and a monked parish. This is Houses taking in loose cannons and giving them free reign to attack anyone they want without justification because they know they can get away with it. It's the typical cowardice bullying tactics by whatever house is in power at the moment.

So I reported the player who attacked me to his FG, the FG says he has no control over the player (Really?) and refused to do anything to repair relations between us. It's by far harder to be a farmer than a fighter.
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Re: Rogue Players

Post by m_abid » Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:50 pm

1) If a charter is taken by a village under excom, the excom should accompany the captain and apply to the new village also.
2) A new village charter should not be allowed to send monks during it's 3-day peacetime. The owner should have to break peacetime to send them.
3) If a player is reset three times in one week, they should not be allowed to spawn again for ten days.
4) A faction should not be allowed to vote against another faction in a house until they have been in that house for a minimum of three days.
5) A player should not be allowed to become steward of a parish until he has been a member of that parish for 48 hours.
6) The honor gained by defending an attack should be increased. If a player successfully defends a raze that cost the attacker 300k honor to launch, why shouldn't the defender get an equivalent amount of honor for defending it?
Well, points are good one but i have serious objections on point 1,2 and 5. These points good for rogue players but matter of fact is not everybody plays like rogue players.

What if somebody away from faction / house members and is excom during war while he is offline ?

What if you move into enemy area by taking their villas ? If you are not allowed to take over stewardship, the villages are of no use as a single online enemy member will send excom ...

If you implement point 1 and 2 players can be knocked out for no reasons, all you have to do is to excom their villages while they are offline ...

Point 3, 4 and 6 are good ones.

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Re: Rogue Players

Post by Bretth » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:06 pm

Fatal wrote:The reason this topic is created is: amber is noobish farmer that wants to farm 24/7
Compare yourself to a jumper
You have: 20+ villages, parishes, vassals, gold/fps etc...
Oh, come on, you just a whinny loser
Amber has never had '20+ villages'............ and never been a farmer or a noob for that matter. She has been a respected player on W2 for nearly 3 years.

The problem with rogue players is there is no way to fight them, they just keep bouncing around the map doing damage. Is this a war? No. Its just a FEW people that are sick/board of this game taking it out on everyone else, do not pretend they have any cause or reason behind there actions. All they are doing is making people who otherwise enjoy the game quit.

PS. Fatal your picture under your name says it all, you may not like SHK anymore but that does not mean others also do not. Why destroy something for others you once enjoyed just because you no longer enjoy it? Kind of sad.........

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Re: Rogue Players

Post by countjimula » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:21 pm

I do not remember this being an issue at all in world one during the first age. Looking back if we had one there was really nothing that player could do once that player was know as a Rogue Player.

Rogue players as well as the houses had a reputation to keep up if they wanted to survive in this game. Now it seems that reputations do not matter for both sides. The Rogue feels there is no chance to go grow and need a reputation, and the one house in power really has no penalty for not having a good reputation.

Most of these one house ruled words are a rogue players dream come true. Nobody is looking at the map, castles are terrible, inactive all over the place, most players have no idea how to attack at all, and there is tons of money in the capitals if you can get them.

When practically every world except for USA1 is basically ruled by one group this is what happens. Lets cure the disease instead of the symptoms.

It would not surprise me at all if many of these rogue players are leaders from other worlds that are just bored of playing in their world.
We need more incentives to help prevent one house world rule in this game!

Thread here: ... 16&t=24768

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