Poem of the Gravestone or The Prologue of the Parchment

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Poem of the Gravestone or The Prologue of the Parchment

Post by Andarilho1 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:00 pm


Armies were formed with the bravest of mortals.
Sorcerers were enlisted with various potions and salts.
They marched in the desert and on the ice, past portals.
But when they found the Beast awake,
the first warriors, one by one, in stone were transformed;
the sorcerers were soon dusty;
and the others braves in fabulous fall to the hard ground fell.

From the stone was created Gravestone, a thousand years later written.
From the dust came huge night moths.
Of all the blood spilled, the color of the earth in the crypt.
From the passionate screams, the sound of the wind in long grottos.

Around the Gravestone,
the Parchment says
on a gloomy afternoon
the nest was then formed.

The Crass forest was born,
where the Beast still sleeps today
in their depths.


In nights orphan of moon ,
when gigantic moths wander over the rocks,
through the bush, pungent, shapeless and tranquil shadows,
they dance in vigil before the Gravestone, in the heart of the Crass grove.
The celestial stars of the Seventh Dimension
conjugate with the Star major.
The planet is approached by winged and invisible Forces.
We are launched in the real world of dreams!


Note: In some of my various wanderings
(wanderings that every knight knows well)
I heard the verses above in certain places,
recited by poets and sung by troubadours.
I bring here to share with the Stronghold Kingdoms community.
Andarilho1 (Lord Wanderer First)

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