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This game is only suitable for good economic country players
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Author:  kasiprasath [ Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  This game is only suitable for good economic country players

I am from India.I have playing this game for more than a year.I am lacking of interest in playing this game because most of the players from other countries using money to level up their ranks and buildings.I am also spending money but the difference is that they don't afford much to spend buy crowns.But for indian players,we cannot afford to buy crowns not saying we don't have enough money,Our country economy is very poor.Price is 60 crowns for 5 US dollar.Here 1 usd=64 Indian rupees,I can buy one lunch for 100 Indian rupees which is 1.62 USD.Same at other countries they could buy the same lunch for 12 or 15 USD at their country.So,if the need to purchase 60 crowns,all i have to do is fasting for nearly 4 lunches.But they can afford to buy 180 crowns from fasting only one lunch.Here is the thing,we are not able to compete with them in gameplay.In GC 3 new server,i spend more than 2000 indian rupees(10% of my monthly salary--for only 600 crowns) to build villages and all.On the 6 or 7th day foreign players came to india and attacked,captured our villages...Because of this many indian friends are not willing to play this game furtherly.Just ban this game in india..i dont have any words to say.Bye Thanks. :roll: :roll: :roll:

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