Dear Firefly Long Letter

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Dear Firefly Long Letter

Post by Priest Guardian » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:55 pm

So you guys know me from alpha many years ago as FORTKNOX . check my account spending :D its the most I ever spent on any MMO....EVER! I do not regret any of it
Love this game and Firefly :)

So here is my deal. I have been away from shk's last while mostly due to a cheater on W-9 which you may know of from my previous post on forums and by others posts

I tried to come back to the game I love so much with release of USA 4 but sorry guys I really do not like that map and my interest faded quickly. No reply to my post on Island forums left me with no initiative to try that world (as I have tried all with exception to domination)

So I am out of town here in Canada next 60 days leading up to my 2 month vacation over winter (which I enjoy gaming). Sure would be great to play a new UK / cross platform map in SHK's the next months to come (hint hint). Better yet a fantasy map created by Firefly specifically for SHK's

Currently I play Archeage , another MMO of completely different mechanics and style as well as setting. Funny thing on Steam the online player base numbers are similar :D Although I do not use steam so my online status never gets recorded that way :(

I am still spending $$$ gaming as it is my only entertainment as of late, sadly Trion and AA are getting that $$$$....not FF.

I really like the increased video posts by the FF team as a form of advertisement. But if you guys want to get back a $$$ spender give me a reason to come back. I was told through some of my posts on youtube by Firefly Dev's that after IOS and Android release of SHK's that work would start again on the development of new things in Stronghold Kingdoms and improvements to the game. I am still waiting?

No matter what Firefly thinks of their new Dungeon Crawler(which I do not intend to play, sorry) . Stronghold Kingdoms has massive potential if you put some effort in that direction of SHK's MMO

Peaceout guys, thanks for reading this. Wish Firefly the best of fortunes in 2018 and more Stronghold Kingdoms updates :)
After you try all the other MMO's , you keep coming back to SHK's

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Re: Dear Firefly Long Letter

Post by Dumpster Fire » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:16 pm

Farewell! may the winds carry you to fertile shores
I burn, therefore I am

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