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Star Treck Doctor = Q?
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Author:  Dalorian [ Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Star Treck Doctor = Q?

[ Dalorian - 9:53 AM ] WHOOOA
[ Dalorian - 9:55 AM ] On Star Track Voyager: "Projections" (1995), THe doctor slowly becoming a Sentient Being and the way he is Similar to the Q vs how is Is Not similar.... I have COncluded that The doctor will reproduce himself over his Unbelivably long life span, and create the holographic reality which Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrantt. THey, Being made of Photons, Probably were able to transcend time barriers without even realizing it due to their speed....
[ Dalorian - 9:56 AM ] Thus, I belive the Doctor, On Star Treck: Voyager, was the Forefather of the Q....

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