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Stronghold Kingdoms Street Team

Post by greenwitch » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:06 am

So I'm the past I have ran street teams for multiple bands. Back in 2012 I made a bunch of flyers for SHK when I was making some for one of the bands I thought hey I will print some SHK ones too and drop them off at the local collages and a music store the bought and sold used games that had a lot of traffic.

There are a lot of players that still love playing SHK yet we have lost a lot of players for many reasons and the new player base really isn't there it's really only word of mouth that brings in New players. Many don't want to advertise shk on their Facebook pages because their families get irritated hearing about the game.

But if SHK starts a street team section then they could get advertisement by their players for free. They can make flyers to have people print. Or they could mail players a stack of flyers to give out. Many players are already in college and if they had flyers they could just drop them off in dorm community rooms or put a stack out at a party .

There are so many gamers out in the world. With esport gaming being so big now people are looking at New games.

A few years ago I won card packs by winning the Instagram art contest for SHK . There are a lot of traffic designers playing SHK do a contest for the best Flyer to recruit new players that could be printed and used and the winner could get card packs .

You have an amazing community of players from all walks of life. Word of mouth is amazing yet a step further .. A street team that cares about the game and wants it to be successful.

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