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Post by Kaily » Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:14 pm

So last night i was bored and couldn't sleep, found my way to the SHK facebook page.

There i found people posting to win small things in shk contest and giving their account name to be sent to.

The problem with this? most were using their real facebook with real info, most of it not blocked. This is dangerous. There have already been cases of people getting doxxed in shk... personal info shared, nudes getting leaked etc.

but so far it hasnt been that bad compared to what can happen if the wrong person gets your info. With just your name and area you can find a list of people with same name and area and from that you can use other things you know from facebook to narrow it down to the right person, get their number and address from it. if they are married its even more easy, they can look up marriage certificates in that area. you can also look up criminal record. etc.

also facebook usually has where someone works or graduated from. you can look up personal info from there depending on the laws in that area.

Or they can just use the place of work and call in complaints to that person in efforts to get them fired... and such things have worked in the past.

Also people can use the info to make false */assault charges. or call in to police and be like omg this person is suicidal and they will swat them.

Remember gamergate and the mass doxxing there? and all the trouble people caused them?

This is a wargame, but with real people, and some of them can turn dangerous if you * them off. Protect yourself. dont put your name and rl info to your username.

Make a fake one like i did, or just change the existing info to fake info. Change your school just enough so it cant be googled but others who know of it can still recognize it. Change your last name to something else. My fake one has my username as a last name. Set your info (not just your account, you have to do it individually i believe... to private). and change it enough to not be easy to look up.

Set photos to private unless you are okay with everyone seeing them.

etc etc.

INTERNET SAFETY PEOPLE!!! don't let it happen to you!

Please post this in proclamations to whatever land you hold in shk in every world. =/ Spread the word of internet safety!

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Post by Kaily » Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:39 am


I made the mistake of messaging some of the people who i saw post like this in game, the ones i recognized. In the pms they seemed cool, they thanked me for telling them etc =3 YAY!

then few days later... a player and longtime friend of mine... posted in a thread that he was leaving, since i had added him on facebook I was like nope not goodbye ill facebook stalk you =D if you come back here though ill pass you villages and things.

Anyhow... it was on a thread with his old faction leader, who iv been having beef with recently... he got the info that i messaged 2 of his other players about facebook and he accused me of harassing them, and threatening them irl.

First of all... I want to say i never meant it as harrassment... it was legit warning after i came across this.... I think this stronghold kingdoms facebook page, that players post on with their username, and with their real facebook, is a really really bad idea... For one facebook is picky in how you block and privatise, and sometimes more than what you are comfortable with can be seen. or maybe you are comfortable with it but its easy to use resources to get more info from the little that was given. really the best idea is to just make a fake one and post from there, or not at all. its not really worth the chance on small prizes... or at least firefly should come up with a better way of getting the prizes to the people who win without them having to publicly announce their username, like the staff pm the person for their username in game. keep private.

... got off topic.

in retrospect, wasn't the way to do it, it was late night and i wasn't exactly thinking very critically... if anyone felt harassed i will be the first to personally apologize and assure that i would never threaten or hurt anyone... unless you * me off and i threaten to raze your villages =D but thats in game, and not out. lol...

I admit it wasnt smart to do it that way, but no harm was ever meant or intentional on my part... and the people i was talking to seemed fine while i was talking to them and thanked me for pointing things out like their info wasnt actually blocked and they should be more careful etc. i didn't think anything was wrong... but apparently someone did take it so and im sorry... but at the same time kinda glad, cuz they should be scared, not of me, but just in general. stranger danger. this is serious business and people need to be more careful...

to the rest. be afraid. take precautions. be good. =]

also learn from my mistake, if you see someone post on the shk facebook page that you recognize, link them to this page. do not mail them like i did... bad idea. bad bad bad idea. X_X' mail them with this link yes. anything more? no.

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