building pretty towns..

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building pretty towns..

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Hello, i'm new to the game but i love the original stronghold.

One of the most awesome things in the original one was the ability to really control how your town looks.
For example i liked having a statue near the center of the town and flower beds where the peasants gathered. then some dancing bears and so forth. Being also a person that like min/maxing things, i find that if i build the town the way i like it, it is really low in efficiency. The hovels, which are really ugly btw, must be near the center or else they have super low occupancy. The theater that i was finally able to build is huge and has to literally be right next to the townhall to be full efficiency. Based on this path, i assume that the center of town space is all very precious as popularity and honor multiplier will really suffer if i build a "pretty" town. For any serious gamer who really wants their town to be the best it could be, the result is tightly packing all the buildings together and pretty much just forget about looks all together.. Since the space around the townhall is very limited, there's exist an optimal way of building the town as i saw in this thread: ... 94&t=12200

My suggestion is can we get rid of the proximity impact of all buildings that don't actually have peasants working and dropping/getting stuff? (Like the merchant building) This would affect only buildings like hovels, theater, flower beds and stuff like that. Wood cutters, apple farms, and all other production buildings are still affected by the proximity because people can have the freedom to choose to move the stash closer to stone or wood if they really want more of that resource. As the other thread suggests, some buildings will never have the space to operate at peak efficiency anyways. so maybe we can just reduce the over all effectiveness of those buildings but let players place them anywhere around town. There's no negative impact to any players stats overall except maybe a slight booth in honor for those players that didn't use the space around the town hall to it's peak efficiency. And all our towns would look much prettier and be more unique.

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Re: building pretty towns..

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I can name that tune in 5 notes.
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