Feudal Ranks

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Feudal Ranks

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Does anyone know a website or book, that give a break down of the Feudal rank structure...and definition of each rank.
How you earned it or achieved it and what your responsibility where?

I see we have a lot of ranks in this game, however some of them I have never heard of.
Also what was the main difference between a duke and a baron, things like that...

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Re: Feudal Ranks

Post by deckra »

Here is a wiki chart about the "noble" ranks.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_and_ ... _languages

But the biggest thing is the land owned. It is possible to be a squire of one area, and a baron of another. Generally, here is an example set up.

Prince (princes can often be dukes until reaching kingdom)
5 dukes each reigning over a portion of the kingdom seperate from where the king resides (or sometimes a Duke where the king resides).
Each Duke has a series of underlings, based on rank and land.

For example, under a Duke can be an earl, the earl himself can have barons and squires and baronets under him. There are also "free barons" which have no duke, or skip the normal chain of events and report straight to the duke. So the rank system is very complicated, but comes down to land and power in basis.

There are also more complicated ideas, such as "court" ranks. Landless lords. A landless baron technically outranks a landed squire, but will not enforce this because the squire can normally have more power or influence.

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Re: Feudal Ranks

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Nice link dude. That was very informative.

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