Age 4 Bs

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Re: Age 4 Bs

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Having loads of fun in the 4th age on w4, by far my favorite age without a doubt.

Factions and houses are small because of you farmers like to group up and play farmville every age, this will split you up and maybe force you to fight each other once and a while.

Notice people complaining about not being able to buy weapons, simple fix guys and gals, pillage neutrals and inactives around you with peasants, 9 out of 10 times you'll come back with a ton of weapons.

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Re: Age 4 Bs

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If we ever agree on anything Delta it would be this.
#1 knob in world 1

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Re: Age 4 Bs

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Delta, they made those rules so you could raze more because u are so pro

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