Shared IP problems

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Shared IP problems

Post by Bmerc » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:29 pm

In W1 my brother and I used to play from the same house. Now we no longer live together and when I tried sending him resources it said I had a shared IP. My in game name is Bmerc and his is Afterthought. I sent in a ticket and the response looked very generic and was unhelpful.

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Re: Shared IP problems

Post by Voltair » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:43 pm

The game automatically detects when two players are on the same IP and issues the restrictions. The restrictions don't stop you from playing it only prevents certain actions. I'll post the full game rule below:
5. Players sharing an Internet Connection.

Players who are sharing the same connection should not trade or reinforce each other. Nor should they capture each others villages. The game will automatically detect if you are on the same connection and limit what can be done.

If you are using a shared connection, which uses the same public IP address for all players on this connection, you will be unable to perform certain actions. Shared IPs will happen if players are on the same network, i.e. people in the same house/office.

These actions are:

Voting for or by influencing with monks in an election, players on the same connection.
Making a vassal or becoming a liege lord to players on the same connection.
Reinforcing players on the same connection
Using monks (Interdict, Absolution and Excommunicate) on players on the same connection.
Trading with players on the same connection.
Attacking the same common target (humans only) as players on the same connection.

It's possible that people on the same ISP with dynamic IPs may get the same IP.

Players with a Premium Token in play are not subject to this restriction.
The restriction should clear within 7 - 10 days now that you no longer share the same IP. If you both share that same internet connection again then it will re-start the countdown.

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