H14 and H17 / ZOKIK79 SERBIA friends

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Re: H14 and H17 / ZOKIK79 SERBIA friends

Post by nikolasr »

ZOKIK79 SERBIA friends

all of them from SERBIA

....all of them from serbia ..

i demand FF to open a serbia map
Do you mind explaining what does the fact they are from same country, in this case Serbia have to do with anything ? Curious since i am from Serbia also.

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Re: H14 and H17 / ZOKIK79 SERBIA friends

Post by KamMik »

well, it is not hard to raze innocent farmers... nothing to be proud of this achivement tbh

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Re: H14 and H17 / ZOKIK79 SERBIA friends

Post by smillingblade »

I hope all the H5 will burn into *, there is a lot of troumblemaker people that have this house like Son of Lloyd
Morire piuttosto che retrocedere

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Re: H14 and H17 / ZOKIK79 SERBIA friends

Post by abhuabhi »

hello recently there are so many members banned from * * section and * also they both working with multiple accts like * is banned and * i guess ... everyone having three multiple accts in world 1 ..wht is the use of playing with cheater then they show that they were winner at least we battle like a true warriors not like cowards .... *, * , *, *, *, * several players having so many accts ..OMG ..why FF cant take action we are wasting time and money ....

Moderator action: Removed accused player's names.

Posting about suspected multi accounts in the forum will get you nowhere. Giving support a concise report as to why you believe another player is multi accounting will get you an investigation. That means all your listed observations and screenshots if you have them. The more information you give support the better.

Another point to remember is this; You might make the accusation but you will not be told the outcome of any investigation. That is a private matter between Support and the player concerned and investigations take time!

friends tell me is this a pure battle when u win with cheating ..with so many accts and send faith points from your other accts ..wow ...
now no interest left in this game full of bugs and cowards ...sorry men i tried very hard for everything but these guys ..have no honor ....
that's why so much happen in serbia country these all representing there country how ppl where actually are ....i m shocked and disappointed ..

i have now no issue with anyone because i don't care now.. if FF cant take action then we should only farm no reason to fight with coward who is not a men ..so game is full of bugs . :lol:

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