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Charity drive tourney

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:04 am
by Mosryp
Do not take me wrong when you read this if any of FF/SK ever read our comment !!!!!!!!!
I like the tourney
but I got one issue ( beside all bugs those tourney be having lately )

My issue is EG : in usa5 new world on the day 132 now , how do you want honest players to reach a minimum of 100,000 on Donnation when building are not all in the castle , as the cost on flags are really high for a fast world of Era

only players using Cheat can only reach the target except for a few players with more of 15 villas
Stronghold Kingdoom know that so why a so high minimum .

it is not like old world who been actif for over 1 years where players got 15 / 20 or 40 villas .USA5 got 11 players with 15 to 17 villas
some of them got more of 1 villa per perish .

You are making thing hard for players who decide to go to new world you are building in place of living SK for good . Some was still having faith on FF/SK but now after a few fiasco in the tourney you are pushing loyal players away

You got the ability to make different rules for the world you created you got the possibility and the men power to do the same thing on tourney or any contest you do .

So FF and SK start to think about us a bit show you care about loyal player

thank you and I hope some of FF/SK will read this post and show us the curtosey to reply to us

best regard

Re: Charity drive tourney

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:35 am
by Mosryp
Or do you want me to thing that some in FF/SK promoted to players to use Cheat mode to play SK
I do not want to think that way , but lately the bad move I see in the SK world make me ask myself lot of question about it

We do not see any more give away of card or special pack we use to win by playing some of your chalendges by questions in our front page when we open the game ,

SK became a money grabber with us buying token and card no more reward

And we do not know anymore who are the moderator in each world , they know the issue the world where they are and suppose to play to find bugs or unhappy players in the talk of that world

look like they getting pay to do nothing anymore or even them are feed up and are not as actif anymore they lost their joy of playing SK
maybe it is time to take a good look at your different department and do a reform of those department to increase our confidence in SK / FF

I work 40 as a customer service and for 40 years our focus was to listen and take proper action to be certain our customer kept their confidence in our company , I personally see a lack in your customer service and lack of respect for players asking question or giving feed back as we never ear about it .