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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:46 am
by Wilksy
I think the backround of SHK (and how it sells itself) could do with a revamp.

I'm sure everyone has seen the SHK Advanced Guide (if not here's the link):

Perhaps the time could be taken to revamp the WIKI and incorporate elements of the Advanced Guide. I much prefer the format in the Advance Guide also. More examples of castles and village builds could be incorporated. This guide should be a one-stop shop for players to learn and build upon the initial knowledge gained. They shouldn't have to ask around or google around for answers to simple questions. There are decent builds scattered around these forums, perhaps they should be collated and put into some sort of guide for players.

I'm sure the player base would help with elements of this (e.g. castle/village builds etc).

I think the WIKI interface isn't the prettiest and doesn't 'sell' the game as well as it could. SHK is an established game now and tweaking this aspect would show the game in a more professional light to new players.

Additionally the new polished guide (if made) should be promoted in-game (or have a direct link in-game) in order that players have it readily to hand. This forum should be promoted in-game also as there's never any harm in promoting activity on here from active players of the genre.

Just my opinion folks no offence to those who have worked hard in order to take the game to where it currently stands. I just think a bit of TLC would make the game better and easier to get involved with from the outset.

Re: SHK WIKI Ideas

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:49 am
by Wilksy
Apologies for piggy-backing my own thread lol!

There are also threads on this site on how to be an effective steward/HM etc. Items like these could be added to the guide to provide further guidance for new players.