in world 6 for the new age 6

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in world 6 for the new age 6

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I read all post and I agree with them lot of good idea
like to see kingdom to be only one by house , cut the amount of provinces and counties a house can have

to many players come in a house and get the counties and province and kingdom then they just go and play others world and come one a while to check , find a way to stop those players just to gain and go , better reward for players who play the same server
so they stay in that world and play
something can be done with those points sitting on the research board when a players come all his research done maybe new research or exchange those research for rewards .

the important is to have a server with players who will be interested to play and stay

that mine opinion

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Post Re: Age 6 Suggestions and Ideas!
will not close a world where players play got a lot of old timer ( with respect for the term ) who been playing a world ,spending lot of time and for some a lot of $$.
If FF want to kept those world open they can and have the ability to do and make them more welcome to new members

extend country : ad 2 to 5 countries per age
We have Scotland / Ireland / Wales / England in age 5
in age 6 ad 2 to 5 more after in age 7 do the same till the time this server became a global server but do it step by step to kept the actual players and recruit new one and adding like I said before some good reward to kept those players in ,and to stop those players just sitting on their house gain and play in other server

FF got the programmer to do all that I know FF want to make money but if they close a server they will loose players
As myself ,I'm not as old timer as other but I put lot of effort in my sever if it close I will be done with Stronghold Kingdom ,I'm not interested to start at zero to much time to be where we are

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