Banquet Multiplier Low Compare to Other Wolrd

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Banquet Multiplier Low Compare to Other Wolrd

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I have few villagers in Global Realm 6 and almost 80% of level up from banquet.

I also playing in Global Conflict 5 and Global Realm 5 where the rate of banquet multification is higher if compared to Global Realm 6.

I'm wondering if banquet multification differ from one globe to another as per set by the dev? Do the multification influenced by other factors? Or maybe I missed something?

I found it's quite hard to level up in Global Realm 6 compared to other global servers as I 100% depend on banqueting to level up.
Global Realm 5
Global Realm 5
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Global Realm 6
Global Realm 6
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Re: Banquet Multiplier Low Compare to Other Wolrd

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hey, beginning with era3 the honour gained from banquets and ai castles is multiplied by 10, and from honourbuildings multiplied by 4.

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