Change vassalage system

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Lord Christhoper
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Change vassalage system

Post by Lord Christhoper » Sun May 12, 2019 7:44 pm


Well i think is not well the current system because if u start late in a world or start from 0 but not money for lot of cards (jaja) its kinda imposible to get vassals as everyone will try get a high lvl guy for more honour.
So i think that can even break the game, because me for example, i will not join a started game because i know i will not take vassals, and with out them u cant play as u will not have many armies.
So that is my suggestion to change it to a more sweeatable way so everyone could have vassals and and with them have more fun! i think that way with more attack capabilities for everyone and not only the card spenders high ranks will be a more active world and for sure will atract many more players! i mean now if u not card spender with lot of vassals i think sooner or later u will leave this game.

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