Stockpile and granary

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Lord Nightborn
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Stockpile and granary

Post by Lord Nightborn » Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:14 pm

Please support better placement of the stockpile and granary for new villages. A few suggestions I have are;

-Increase the build time from 7 seconds, to something like a minute, or even 30 seconds.
-Have an option to either place them freehand, or at their default location.
-Allow them to be moved as long as they are empty.
-When placing them, have a transparent indicator as to where the default would go.
-Always place them for the user.
-Allow the user to see the coordinates of built structures, and of the structure being placed.
-Add a 1 minute premium token that is rewarded when claiming or capturing a new village.

Personally my favourite would be a coordinate readout, and it seems like it would be the easiest to implement. I would love any of these though. As long as it is consistent I am happy.

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