Players Claiming they get preferential treatment

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Re: Players Claiming they get preferential treatment

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WinNytHepOOh89 wrote:"Any person offering to sell your crowns or card points is trying to scam you and potentially steal your personal information. Crowns can only be purchased from Firefly Studios. There is no possible way for cards, crowns, or cardpoints to be added to an account by an employee without a supervisor's express permission and any such actions are logged. No Firefly employees are actively playing any live game server. Any person claiming to be a Firefly employee should be reported to Support. "

Been playing this game almost a decade now. Purchased crowns from Firefly a couple time and money well spent for the entertainment I got out of it. Heard lots of rumors about hacks and scams over the years and countless times how the game is dead

Yet here we are still playing

So called claims of bots/scams/hacks do not bother me or effect my play. I still love the game and enjoy playing. I still meet new friends and could care less what others are doing, it does not change how I play or what I achieve. There are times that we must all admit some players are just better than us. I know I have encountered them and defeat is part of the game. Playing with friends and enjoying the game for the strategic / political game it is matters most to me..

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Re: Players Claiming they get preferential treatment

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Lord Alacrity wrote:Stories like this have circulated since Day 1 of World 1 and yet I am always surprised as how ready and willing players are to believe that their mortal enemy is telling them the 100% honest truth. :)

During the Alpha and Beta, we had an active group of volunteer moderators who assisted us with answering general questions on the forums and in the in-game chat. During the Alpha and Beta moderators had the ability to issue warnings for offensive language and remove disruptive players from chat. They have never had access to any information about other players. In short: no player on your game world has any ability which you do not have.

Over time various changes to the game have made the role of moderator unnecessary and we no longer recruit new moderators. The only moderator from the Beta who I still see active on the forum is David Spy.

Disinformation and deceit are tactics that players often use to manipulate their enemies, because as this case illustrates, they are quite effective, sometimes even against veteran players. Another story being told is "We heard Player XYZ bought 50k cardpoints from a Russian hacker for $35" and it is impossible to fight against him, my whole faction will quit unless he is banned!" When one little lie will get rid of a whole faction of your enemies, who even needs card points?! :P Player XYZ was able to achieve with one lie, what he probably couldn't have done in 1000 attacks. He has demoralized and intimidated his enemy.

To be clear: If someone sends you a mail and claims to be an admin or a moderator, report it. If someone sends you a mail and says they can get you "cheap crowns and cardpoints", report it. Those types of messages cross the line.

But we can't police what is said in a TS or Ventrilo or Discord. Your enemy could come in and tell you he is actually Mr. Firefly, he owns the studio, he has infinity billion crowns and will have the admins ban anyone who looks at him funny. You will need to use your own critical thinking skills to evaluate if this person is being honest with you and what their motivations might be.

I had to quote this because in mobile realms we have reported a player who was telling players to join them and he would give them card points and we had members leave and join them and have successfully received card points..we have proof of it as well and yet still have been ignored.

So for u to be in forums and claiming how FireFly takes these matters seriously why dont u stop lying and deceiving us already as u have since u made up ur poor game rules that allow cheating and exploits.

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