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 New Battle Tactic Suggestion...."AMBUSH" 
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Post New Battle Tactic Suggestion...."AMBUSH"
Just an idea to vamp up fighting and making it a little more challenging.

When a factioned player sends out an army to attack another factioned player, other players in those 2 factions (The Attacking Faction + Defending Faction) and those 2 factions alone, should have the ability to "AMBUSH" an incoming attack on a fellow faction member. Thus making a Faction and its members that much more closer to one another knowing that each faction member is there to cover each others backs when off dealing with the REAL WORLD and its daily issues.

The best way to implement this attack would be to have "X" amount of "waypoints" along the attack path. Obviously, the longer the travel path, the more points involved.

Also could create a research tree that one would have to learn to bring down the amount of these waypoints or get MONKS involved with an Army blessing that exempts them from being AMBUSHED for X amount of waypoints, but at a FAITH POINT cost of course.

These "Timing Waypoints" will only work if a player times his/her attack to meet say within 30 seconds to a minute with the incoming attack army at the specific waypoint. The other members of the ATTACKING FACTION can AMBUSH the AMBUSHING armies of the DEFENDING FACTION.

If your army tries to AMBUSH the incoming attack too soon or too late....well....kiss a good chunk of your FAITH POINTS goodbye for not having proper FAITH in yourself on your timing abilities.

It really shouldn't be that hard to do either, considering everything is all about timing in this game not to mention the times are posted at the time of confirmation of your trading....time it takes for your army to reach a cap...wolf lair...etc.

Time this AMBUSH correctly, and not only will your FAITH POINTS be greatly rewarded, if you fully succeed in destroying the incoming attack army, but your fellow faction member will thank you for stopping the in bound army as well....or should do so anywho.

Also your Scouts should play a huge roll in this AMBUSH. Just like Real Old School Battle Tactics such like this game we all play. If your SCOUT SPEED TREE IS MAXED OUT AND ONLY MAXED OUT and choose to use the AMBUSH SKILL....your Scouts will move at the speed required to get your scouts to the inbound army and back to your village with enough time for the player to make a final decision after the scouting report has been viewed...they didnt have WIFI or Data back in them days...nope...they had to wait for the Scout to return with the report before making their final battle plans if they still decide they want to. Not like how we scout a wolf lair or bandit camp and the report is ready to view the second your scout leaves. Thus making this plan of choice a little more methodical in chosing your timing wisely. I mean could go right on ahead and send a bunch of troops blindly in like you were the one writing the next season of Game Of Thrones...but keep in mind...would you show up to a gun fight with a plastic bat? Probably not. No point sending Catapaults out against an army of archers and pikemen. Also keep in mind the FAITH POINT COST of not only using this skill....but the amount you win or lose if you win or fail the AMBUSH.

These waypoints could also be set up as a multi-player battle scene when the involved players view the final battle report. Could you imagine watching that chaos unfold? LMAO a 5k Troop Battle? 10k Troop Battle? 25k Troop Battle? Depending on how many attacking armies the Developers are able to program to fight well with each other at the same time in the same place sort of deal in a huge battle scene remains to be scene. I'm sure the algorithm for this would be a *...but I could be wrong...Im a P Layer who appreciates.....not The Gods who creates.

So there ya have it. Just my little idea of a way to vamp up attacking each other. Make it just like REAL LIFE battles. If you see an Enemy Army headed towards your brother in a general would want to try to take up arms and defeat that army....or....make it smaller if one is unable to fully succeed in AMBUSHING an incoming attack.

Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:22 am

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Post Re: New Battle Tactic Suggestion...."AMBUSH"
A nice idea and one I have thought about when developing games waaay back when.

Unfortunately, I cannot see it working here to the point that it does not really add much to the game to warrant the effort of FF developers on this platform.

This is a simple game with simple mechanics behind it and is still buggy plus....many players are leaving SHK as it is a sinkhole for swallowing money in order to progress.

Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:28 am
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