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 Anti-white racism in Stronghold Kingdoms, and within Firefly 
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Post Anti-white racism in Stronghold Kingdoms, and within Firefly
Hello good day everyone, i would like to make my review with this post, about my experience with this game, and what unfortunate reality has come to my attention.

so here is the deal.. i have been playing on the Europe 5 server, for a little while now. while i have been playing there and until now, i have had my Shield censored 3 times. the first two times, i can perhaps understand why it was censored. however the 3rd time it was censored, it was censored for having a "14", representing the "14 words" on it. this has all been confirmed by an admin, on another topic i created, to question about the issue. on that topic, the admin nicknamed "Lord Benevolent"(i wonder whats "benevolent" about him..), told me that the Shield was censored especificaly, because it contained the 14 words on it(which i confirmed). and that it is thus "obvious"(as he said..), that it should be censored. he also said that in the future, i should keep that "type" of "propaganda", out of the game.

now.. first of all and for those of you good people, who may not know what the "14 words" are, here is how the 14 words go... "We must secure the existance of our people, and a future for white childreen". as you can see, there is absolutely nothing offensive/racist within the 14 words. they are merely a very natural desplay of love, and wish for wellbeing for ones people. and that very minimum stance, is required for any group of people in the world, to preserve their kind, and protect their childreen. and sure enough every single group of people in this world, has that attitude towards their own.

so when Firefly(or perhaps not Firefly, but the especific admins involved in the censorship at least) decided to censor those words, they didnt shut down some evil statement. no.. what they did was expose their severe anti-white racism. so yea.. Firefly has "potentialy" and unforttunately, exposed itself to being a racist company. which is a real pitty because the game is kind of good. its very unfortunate that some people these days, still choose to hate groups of people(in this case, hate white people), simply because they are different. and i am sorry, but i just cant allow such hatred desplay against my own people, without saying/doing anything.

its worth mentioning also, that if you are saying that this.. "We must secure the existance of our people, and a future for white childreen" wellbeing phrase is bad, then arnt you indirectly saying, that "more or less" the opposite is whats good?. in other words.. "We must secure the downfal of white people, and NO future for white childreen". thats what anyone censoring the 14 words, is indirectly saying yes?.. . and i think thats realy awful, and Firefly should be ashamed of itself. i mean... is it realy ok, for a company to allow their employees, to express such kind of hatred towards a especific group of people, like that?. how can this anti-white racism hatred, be allowed these days!?

unless Firefly or the admins involved in this censorship, issue an apology for their anti-white racism stance soon, i will leave this game and never come back. and i will expose in the ways i can, this company for what it is, and ask people to boycott it(you leave me no choice!). and if they dont apologize, i encourage every non self hating white person reading this, to boycott this company, by stop playing the game. i am sorry that its come to this.. but you realy leave me no choice. because a game will NEVER! be more important. because i love my people.. and there is NOTHING wrong with being white!!.

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Post Re: Anti-white racism in Stronghold Kingdoms, and within Fir
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