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 Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks! 
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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
Maybe they should add more houses? Or let you make your own house O.o.....Or give leaders better tools to talk to houses....Like House mail or something.....jesus give us something like crossbow men....haha bad joke......but really give us something.

Mon May 29, 2017 6:08 am

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
One of the main complaints that I have heard is that so very few factions can actually join a house.

I understand the reasoning behind letting only 5 factions into a house, but combined with the reduced faction size, this means only 100 players in each house and only 2000 players total can participate in the glory race. There are currently about 14k players listed on EU4's achievement board. So that is about 6/7ths or roughly 12k players that get picked on by all the house players. Many of them quit after only a couple of weeks, simply out of frustration.

So here is what I propose.

Keep the reduced house and faction sizes, but increase the number of houses. Also rather than a fixed number of houses, instead increase the number of houses in proportion to the number of active players.

This way as the player population increases, more houses become available. When the population decreases, the houses that generate the least amount of glory are dropped. Similar to or perhaps even as part of the glory race.

This would keep many more players interested for a longer period of time than under the current rule set, and allow for greater diversity in the diplomatic elements of the game.

An improvement to SHK that I would like to see is a greater number of diplomatic options than Ally, Enemy and Neutral. Adding an option that specifically indicates a NAP would be extremely useful, as would one that specifically indicates a belligerent faction or player, that is not yet an enemy. Or for those factions whose member base are larger than their faction limits, one that indicates a Sister faction.

Mon May 29, 2017 9:52 pm

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
After talking with in game friends the consensus of opinion is the rank needed to raise should be lowered to viscount with maybe the rank able to pillage and ransack rised to knight this will stop alts landing and pillaging the life out of new players to make them leave
As for the size of Factions / houses my view is 30 member factions ( was going to say 30 men but you have to be bloody pc these days LOL )
and 10 faction houses
But as players we do not get all the stats as some worlds show 15k players with only 2k or less playing at least 4 to 6hrs a day the DEV's have the stats and looking over the last few worlds should be able to set a balance so at least 75% of active players get a chance of being in color, We all know many start a new world but after a few weeks leave then its down to the FG's to do roll calls and kick in actives to bring in active players
If FF are going to advertise the new apps and hopefully get new blood in the game they should allow for their expected influx to form faction / house sizes
But if as i fear it will be far from 30k players joining in the first few days and many being active for months like in the past as the game has lost a lot players due to to many Micky mouse worlds opening and long waits between Euro, Global and Android
so with out all the info/stats its up to FF to set the Faction / Houses sizes to keep all or as many as possible involved in the game not pass that book to us
But i think all new players need help from existing players to help keep them learn and keep them in the game so they need a color so back to you FF you have the stats to work this one out
The other issue many have is the amount of Flags needed are to high to build castle defenses not only from enemy but even the AI attacks once you get a higher rank

Tue May 30, 2017 6:55 pm

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
I just hope the faction / house size in Euro 4 is not a indication of how inactive this game now is after FF studied the stats to come to this new rule

Tue May 30, 2017 7:09 pm

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
It is day 69 and there are 14,107 players on the EU-4 server today.
There are 6,226 players with 2+ villages, which means that there are 7,881 players with a single village. That is 55% of the server. A few of these are in a house.
There are 3,864 players with 3+ villages, which means that there are 2,362 players with 2 villages. That is 17% of the server.
73% of the server has less than 3 villages.

5,993 players are ranked Page or higher, which is 42% of the server.
8,220 players are ranked Alderman or higher, which is 58% of the server.

That means that 42% of the server are Yeoman or lower after 69 days.

8,220 players / 20 houses is 411 players per house.
Right now the maximum player per house is 100, which is less than 25% of players ranked Alderman or higher.

20 houses * 100 players is 2,000 players.
Half of 4,000 players is the maximum players that COULD be in a house. As of today the 2,000th ranked player is a Baron and the 4,000th ranked player is a squire.

It all comes down to your ability to be political and (demand/grovel) your way into a faction that is in a house. There are 423 factions that are NOT in a house as of today.

Expect even more attrition as we get closer to day 100.

- Deke

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Tue May 30, 2017 8:29 pm

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
Okay, so all the concerns/complaints are the same theme

Any idea when the next world is going to go live? (which will be android compatible)

Wed May 31, 2017 2:39 am

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks! would think they would try to fix it before they have a dead world lol.....but that would be smart...

Wed May 31, 2017 4:26 pm

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
@DekeYoungAtlanta yes we can all see those stats i have looked at them for years but they do not give us as players a true picture
Ok Euro4 14k players but at day 70 there are only 6k at the rank of page and looking at the map i think only 30% are active so thats down to under 2k active
In Euro 4 we have 20 houses x 5 Factions x 20 members = 2k is this where FF have got their numbers from ?

I don't class a players as active unless he is on at least 4 Hrs per day

But the DEVs will have the full stats as to how bad the activity is now on this game thats why they need to set the Faction / house sizes

I would like to see bigger Factions / Houses to help new players get to know the game and bring new blood into the game but if the numbers are not there, we are in for more dead worlds with the Russians v the western carders and all others looking on until other ages start

Hence more will leave the game

Nothing against the Russians or carders it just makes the game so imbalanced for new players without help from being under color

Wed May 31, 2017 5:34 pm

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
Maybe not a realistic solution, but what if in the beginning, every player was in a Neutral House e.g H4 (The Farmers)

This House wouldn't gain glory, and can have unlimited members like the Wolf faction in Heretic.

Whilst in this House, players cannot scout/attack other players and likewise cannot be attacked - they must leave the house to fight in wars.

Then it is like the reverse of Heretic - once you leave this neutral house, you can't go back.

Maybe a crazy idea, just putting it out there.

Wed May 31, 2017 6:25 pm

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Post Re: Europe 4 and New Rule Set....Stinks!
What I find funny is they have read all these stuff and have done nothing about it. I wish fire fly cared about us and just didn't want our money. I am 200% sure on this they just want our cash and nothing else lol

Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:23 am
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