Feedback on New World Types

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I think the Domination world sounds:

Not sure.
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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by Aidan0816 » Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:10 pm

So for new world types, how about we have a typical pvp world, but with a catch; no one can buy strategy cards. This way the game can actually be fun for a change and the winning house isn't decided by who has the most money to spend.

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by J0205 » Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:32 am

And want a sandbox world, but that's pretty unrealistic, isn't it?

I can come up with lots of great ideas that'll never happen:
We can pretend we are playing Stronghold Legends and fight werewolves instead of wolves and slay dragons in order to get treasure chests. We should have player designed maps (one or two chosen through a contest ofc) with climates that determine what the villages look like on the inside (ex: northern villages will look snowy [even when it's not Christmas] and southern ones would look tropical, villages on the coast ought to have some sand like they're right next to the beach). We should go back to the original stronghold and be able to decorate our castles with flags and heads on spikes that are completely free! (flags should be customizable like shields are, maybe even bearing the same design as player shields. Or, have a crusader themed world where you get desert themed villages and you can only put food buildings on the oasis grass, greatly limiting players' ability to feed their people.
Maybe we can also have more fun and interactive random events, right now we only have the weather, what about some of the fun ones that were in the other games like the peasants revolting, or there being rumors of witchcraft abroad (I never really knew what that one did, but witchcraft and conspiracy are great crimes to be accused of, especially both at once), maybe even diseases that stunt growth of certain crops, ofc wouldn't be the same if we didn't have nice things too, such as finding a stash of gold by chance, or mercenaries randomly joining you (could be added into village reinforcements and only used defensively).

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by McMax The Great » Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:18 pm

With the new earth-world comming to us already tomorrow:


Boats! We need boats (and sailors)!

Without knowing how to build ships and how to sail them - troops should have a much longer transporttime to reach a certain oversea-target - until you have researched a certain level of new scienses. No need of special graphics for it (even it could be nice).

Sailors = speed of boats.
Could be done by reducing the speed to lowest possible while moving over water (Sailors level 1) - if your oversea-target IS on an island or if you ARE on an island, then you will have to wait until first level of both sailors and boats have been researched. Speed to be faster with each higher level researched until a certain level - BUT the transportime over water should always be higher than if moving over land only!

Boats = type of boats.
Traders, monks, captain (only one for new settlements) and armed pezzies could be sent with light vessels (Boats level 1), bigger armies only on heavier vessels (archers by level 2, pikes by level 3, catapults by level 4 and captains by level 5).

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by McMax The Great » Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:30 pm


Wrong level of this forum. Pls delete this.

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by Baron de Mery » Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:12 pm


Some words about Rise of The Wolf. (I play here for start world)
1. Its great idea and i happy to play in this world.
2. Its very interesting and very hard world, because IE raze village every day and all day =)
3. Some players make me sad, because they attack me, not Wolf. I think its their mistakes.
This world good for teams, that fight in 1st against Wolf.


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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by Hezikiah II » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:10 am

I have a practical choice: you know how all of the main games had an economic and military campaign? well we need a Economy world:
a map of England that is as large as USA
no kings
you're automatically placed in a house at start, you may choose from any 3 that are opened
you are given a partly built village with 1-3 woodcutters, 1-3 stonecutters and 1 random food building, 1 market with 2 merchants
you are placed in a random village type
the king appoints people to run parishes
glory is replaced by Esteem
the king sends you orders in the form of timed quests, succeeding brings the house esteem, you some honor and whatever other bonuses the king wishes to place
wolves roam the map in the beginning of it- they move like rats but from hotspot to hotspot and they send out attacks at your villages- they can kill villagers if you dont have wooden walls- which is the highest level you can research
Parish capitals are the main army force in the nation and they cannot attack players- only wolves and bandits
No more AI castles
and i am too bored with this idea now to continue lol ...

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by Lord Jon Cornu » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:41 pm

I like that idea, it might seem like an "easy world" with interesting non-warrior challenges :)

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by Hezikiah II » Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:08 pm

personally I played SH games for the story (that gets disappointing starting SH2- it was OK though cause they had kingmaker ^_^ ) and I loved doing both sets, because it lets a person think about more than killing

they need to make "Complete Stronghold" Online and Multi-Platform, with a map that includes parts of Saxon lands and french lands, and has every troop type, building, embellishment, and random event in all of the games, with other players actions actually affecting the kingdom/Provence/counties/parishes random events...
the ability to build colonies near your city (literally add-on to the city's land coverage- you can pay 10,000 gold and hire a captain and gain like a new page OR you could simply have the land type added on to your city (you start off in lowlands and add a spice trade route so now you have a new area to build in that has a river)***

and includes the * from this game too

and now that i think of it

make it where we can actually build the stronghold, the outer villages, stop a trade, turn back scouts do it all Firefly- I know you can, and if you said you would and actually started a few crowd source things with really good incentives you will see people actually pay up

players need to save up our money for a year and buy your company so you work for us

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by Alina_Starkova » Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:38 pm

Well, the thing i want to see the most would be a Westoros/Essos Map....
like Global Conflict but with the Game of Thrones setting, that would be cool,
and have all the house names changed to the top 20 Houses in GoTs like House 9 would be House Stark with its motto as "Winter is Coming." etc..

would be cool to see imo

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Re: Feedback on New World Types

Post by Hezikiah II » Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:41 pm

Bring SH2 here to SHK give us law order rat's gong and daily lives of lords (marriage, actually feasts, tax collector) in a new world!

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