Rank and Research Points

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Rank and Research Points

Post by LordVegas » Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:59 pm

Concept: At higher and higher rank, more research points are awarded for achieving the next rank. (So far, it appears that each rank gained gives an equal number of research points - three.) :ugeek: It could be that research "builds" on prior research and at some point achieving the next higher rank provides a "research advantage." This might also apply to the time required to complete research, or the cost of additional points.
Also Honour should be awarded for completed research, as it is in the real world. :geek:

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Re: Rank and Research Points

Post by Bobkyou » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:28 am

Honour should be awarded for completed research? So a person should get more honour for having got honour to level up to receive the research points?

And why should someone get more research points per rank? What problem does this fix? How does it improve a person's gaming experience? Or do you just want to make the game easier because you feel its too hard?

Edit: Not that their is anything wrong with feeling that the game is too hard. The difficulty of the game is valuable feedback.
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Re: Rank and Research Points

Post by Alty » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:20 am

Sometimes you need to buy the points. Take a look around you and see what the markets are at, normaly fish and banqueting goods are great money makers but for you go with fish.

Lord Aresius
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Re: Rank and Research Points

Post by Lord Aresius » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:13 pm

I've been doing a bit of calculations

So far, we have the folloiwing natural "income" of research points by ranks:
Ranks 1-7: each 1 rank (I know, 3 per each, but just bear with me)
Ranks 8-12: number of subranks increased in each by one.
13: Same as with 12.
14-15, both one higher than 12.
16-20, once more incerased each rank by one.
Rank 21 has 15 subranks
Rank 22 has 25 subranks.
Thank makes a total of 142 rank-thresholds.142 times 3: We have a total of 426 research points only from the ranks,

Now, let's look at the "expense"
We have: Industry, Farming, Military and Education.
20 x 8 reasearchupgrades: 160
12 times 8 reserafchupgrades: 96
15 x 10 reasearchupgrades: 150
6 x 8 reserachupgrades: 48
Each one time 5 and 4 researchupades: 9 (in total)
Makes 207 researchpoints for Military.
11 x 10 reserachupgrades: 110
9 x 8 reserachupgrades: 72
3 x 5 reserachupgrades: 15
2 x 4 researchupgrades: 8
Makes 205 researchpoints for Education.

So in total, we need:
160+96+207+205 = 608 reserachpoints to get all up to max.

We get 426 RPs, we need 608 RPs, ergo, we need to buy 182 RPs.
Per each buy, the costs increase, okay. But one Reserachpoint currently costs me 13k of gold.
True, Philosophy decreases that amount, but to decrease it, I need RPs, which I must buy or levelup, but at the current time, I'd rather spend the poitsn elsewhere more necessary.
Kind of a dilemma.

I like the idea that the higher ranks should get additional RPs upon leveling up.
Let's say at the rank of 20 they get 4 RPs, at the rank of 21 they get 5 RPs and Rank 22 is rewarded by 6 RPs.
Thank means we'd get an additonal 12 (from Rank 20), 30 (rank 21) and 75 (rank 22), equals another 117 RP income.
Thank makes the total income 543RPs, means we only need to buy 65PS.

Or, as I can already hear some saying "Well then it's too easy!", what about this idea:
Rank 21 get's 4 points and rank 22 get's 5 points. That makes an additional 15 (rank 21) and 50 (rank 22), equals additional 65 RPs. THat makes a total of 491RPs, and we only need to buy 117RPs.

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Re: Rank and Research Points

Post by Bobkyou » Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:10 pm

Its supposed to be a dilemma. A large part of these games is having to find a balance for military, research, advancement, industry, ect. The only reason I see behind this proposal of more research points is to make the game easier, but its a pretty easy game already.

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Re: Rank and Research Points

Post by Wodehouse » Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:36 am

Maybe the game has changed in eight years, but my count for total research points is:

Industry 160
Military 212
Farming 96
Education 221

...for an overall total of 689.

The above calculation has a math error. That total of 608 should be 668. The rest of the difference is from Military and Education but I don't know if it is due to counting errors in 2011 or game changes over the last eight years.

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Re: Rank and Research Points

Post by ---Manikan--- » Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:09 am

I can not believe that this was not already broad up in the replys before. If you are on your way to completing the tech-tree and you are still not crownprince then there is probably something wrong with your rank up speed. I do not only say that because i know the game or use cards to boost the research. I have explained the game to new players and they were on a good way to completing most of the tech-tree within one year, without any difficult in ranking up and without leveling help from me. And in the end you still get for any crownprince rank additional reasearch points. On my main world i have oer 100 useless reasearch points. If anything that topic should be adressed.

I have early one brought a lot of research pionts and that means that i have know to much in the end. So mybe the dissusion should not be can we additional points per rank but what can i do with my leftover points. Can i get my gold for them back when i get more crownprince ranks or can i exchange them for other ressources that game forces you to balance ou like honor, faithponits or maybe reasearchpoint cards.

But making the game easier to manage early one? I do not think that that is the best way to approach this, but someone who is able to invest in reasearch early on should not be punished with useless points in the endgame. He can of course profit from the reasearch in the early game gut i think there is lost potential for additional game mechanics in these left over ponits and additional rankups for the crownprince.

Greetings ---Manikan---

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