New Age system world please?

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New Age system world please?

Post by PrinceofPiedmont »

World 1 was soooo much fun in the early ages. It was a long term on going classic that had players play from day 1 to day 3000+. You were able to fully invest in your game/account because you knew it was going to be there and you would have time to finish. The era worlds go so fast... World 10 in era 5 on day 334? That it does not make as much sense to play it for a long term game because the world will end by the time you really get your researches and everything done.
I would be all for a new Age system world. Ages 1-3 in World 1 was the most fun I had in this game and I have not really found that again since the rules were changed.

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Re: New Age system world please?

Post by ZeMadDog »

I completely agree. Firefly needs to create a world like world 1 again.
They need to give the people that have been here since 2010 what they want.

An original world like world 1 with age system.
we do not like the era system because it goes too quickly.

PLease make a age system world again that has the Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England setup.

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Re: New Age system world please?

Post by DontBeaWuss »

Completely agree, AGE worlds (which did have it faults) gave players the opportunity to invest a lot of time (and in some cases, money) into the game and build long-lasting relationships which the ERA worlds do not (which has it's faults also).

W2, some may say is a dead world, however, the players there are making it last as long as possible due to the fact there will never be another AGE world. Once the AGE worlds are gone, many of the veteran players will leave and new players that come into the ERA worlds won't last as long a time as the AGE world players have.

Sad times but all good things come to an end at some point, don't they?

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Re: New Age system world please?

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After you try all the other MMO's , you keep coming back to SHK's

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