Old fashion worlds

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Old fashion worlds

Post by Mosryp » Thu Jul 16, 2020 5:48 pm

I know we still see old fashion world in the choice like W 2 , but they are far advance

As well I know SK / FF are focus on new era as usa6

my question and my wish as many other will wish to see it happen it will be the creation of a old fashion world like we use to have . yes it is a longueur play on those wolrd and SK / FF are loosing money as a fast era peoples spend more money as those world are faster and the gread to finish first push player to buy .

but SK / FF can built one of the old fashion with the old prices and cost of buying and building lower of era world . and SK can do some sale where players will be interrested to buy in the old fashion world

yes Money / profit is important but to please customer it is as important and a old fashion world will bring back players who had leave as they hate era world

So SK / FF what do you think to bring back 1 or 2 old fashion world to bring back the interrest some are loosing or had already lost ,As era are for big spender and player like me got no chance to score big and get nice reward as Era map get control from day one till the end mostly by the same house . A old map the house in control change at least it kept interrest as you never know who will control

A reply on what you think will be nice
thank you

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